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My goal is to guide students to a deeper love and appreciation of music.   I believe piano lessons develop the joys of musical expression by building self-esteem and self-discipline.  I have many years of experience teaching musical expression through the instruction of sequential musical skills, varied repertoire, sight reading, ear-training, music theory and technique.

Piano Lesson


I conduct my beginner lessons with a spirit of play.  I believe this engages the attention and energy of the student, promoting deeper learning. My students build self-esteem by mastering new skills. Skills are taught in a sequential way so all students can feel successful.  I teach students how to practice so that each student learns how to accomplish their goals.  Regular practice is an important part of piano lessons and advances musical understanding as well as muscle flexibility and control.  Learning how to practice and persevere through unfamiliar situations helps students develop self-discipline.  And it should be enjoyable!



$35 for 30 minutes

$50 for 45 minutes

"My daughter and son have been taking piano with Nicole for 2 & 1/2 years and they continue to progress beyond our expectations.  They always look forward to attending their lessons.  Nicole’s calm and patient instruction allows them to keep an open mind and not become frustrated.  Her positive teaching style really works with them.  She doesn't highlight errors and instead steadily re-directs toward their goals.  I feel this motivates them and keeps them confident in their learning.  Our family has formed a tradition of having the kids play mini-concerts for holidays and family dinners thanks to their lessons with Nicole.  We all look forward to the concert she organizes for the students every Spring.  We feel extremely fortunate to have found Nicole as our piano teacher."

Christina A.

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